Junior Engineer

Children will learn to improve their fine motor skills, explore math and science concept.

Senior Engineer

Children will improve their problem solving skills. Enhance their observation and concentration ability.

Master Engineer

Cooperation and teamwork is the key to winning competitions. Challenging and achievement driven activities will make them strive for the best.

MRT KinderLab

The sooner the child is exposed, the faster they will learn and pick up these 21st century skills. We have over 50 kindergartens who have exposed their children to our program. If you are a kindergarten owner and would like to have this program in your center do reach out to us in the contact us page!

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JOM R.AC.E. workshop is being approved by the Ministry of Education, Malaysia. RACE stands for Robotics, Artificial Intelligent, Coding and Engineering which gives the students the exposure to build, design, code and play. This workshop is meant for primary and secondary student as a whole. The JOM R.AC.E. modules acts as an enhancement elements into the RBT (Reka Bentuk dan Teknologi) subject which being introduced by the MOE. The outcome would be basic construction of electronics circuits and programming.

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Workshop Series

Our workshop series serves as a platform for children to be exposed to the world of robotics. Covering children from the ages of 5-15, we strive to reach out to as many children as possible to bring them the joy of robotics via our methodology of Design, Build, Code, Play.